About the Shag Harbour UFO XPO & the Incident Society

The Shag Harbour UFO XPO is an annual event that brings UFO experts and eyewitnesses together to share their observations and the latest theories and research about unidentified flying objects. The XPO usually includes a presentation or two regarding the events & legacy of the 1967 Shag Harbour Incident. Other presentations are given by recognized UFO researchers on all aspects of the UFO phenomena. The 1967 Shag Harbour Incident is generally regarded as Canada’s most famous and important UFO case.

The event is organized and promoted through the Shag Harbour UFO Incident Society, a registered non-profit group since 2006, dedicated to the collection and promotion of the history associated with the October 04, 1967 UFO mystery, where multiple witnesses, including 3 RCMP officers, saw a 60 foot in diameter UFO, with flashing lights, splash down into the waters of Shag Harbour. There were no missing aircraft and an extensive military search could not resolve the case, which remains open and unsolved.

Since early 2009, the Shag Harbour Incident Society maintains a museum on Highway # 3, in the village of Shag Harbour. It serves as a repository for documents, stories & artifacts associated with this enduring Canadian mystery. Books, clothing and souvenirs are available for purchase throughout the summer season.

On the 2022 October 1 & 2 weekend the Shag Harbour Incident Society will present a truly international UFO symposium in Yarmouth, NS, at the NSCC Burridge Campus. It will feature noted UFO researchers from across North America presenting their latest findings. There will also be a motor coach tour to 3 UFO known UFO sites of interest. Paid attendees can even win prizes including a limited edition commemorative Canadian silver coin that sold out in 1 day, when released by the Canadian Mint, at last years UFO EXPO in 2019. Only 4000 were minted worldwide.

Website: Shag Harbour Incident Society